When you visit your doctor, your doctor spends considerable time thoroughly documenting your vital signs and medical complaints before deciding on a treatment plan. Oftentimes, you might receive imaging or lab tests. All of this detailed information on you is then consolidated together into the your medical record.

Coral Health makes it simple to get this information on your phone and share it with your other doctors or loved ones. Try it yourself on Android or iOS. It’s free!

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The Coral Health team will be at HIMSS from February 11th through February 15th in Orlando! Our co-founder and CEO, Philip Parker, will be speaking about how Coral Health is building a consumer focused healthcare system on Thursday, February 14th at 10:15 at the Innovation Live Pavilion in Hall F.

Many of the problems in our healthcare system trace back to the inaccessibility of consumers’ clinical data, and yet consumers remain the most underutilized resource in healthcare. Coral Health is building a more connected future in healthcare by leveraging consumer-mediated data exchange to improve access, lower costs and enable personalized care.

Chat with us after the presentation or stop by our kiosk (Booth 9000, kiosk 33) in the Innovation Live Pavilion to learn how.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Coral Health Records is now generally available on Google Play and Apple App stores

Seamless, secure access to your health records

Coral Health, a technology company accelerating seamless healthcare data exchange, is excited to announce that its flagship mobile app, Coral Health Records, is generally available through Google Play and Apple App stores.

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Our app helps you reclaim control over your healthcare data — finally.

We know you’ve been waiting for this! Coral Health uses the same secure approach as Apple Health to help you access your medical records, ensuring compatibility with over 500 eligible healthcare organizations from across the US.

Seamless setup: Our app creates a secure connection between your mobile device and…

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Coral Health

Take control of your health. Consolidate records, track medications, set reminders, and monitor health trends with the free #CoralHealthApp.

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