Coral Health Offers Users Unprecedented Access to their Medical Data

Coral Health Records is now generally available on Google Play and Apple App stores

Coral Health
2 min readOct 17, 2018


Seamless, secure access to your health records

Coral Health, a technology company accelerating seamless healthcare data exchange, is excited to announce that its flagship mobile app, Coral Health Records, is generally available through Google Play and Apple App stores.

Coral Health Records provides users with the unprecedented ability to collect and control their healthcare information. The app currently connects with over 200 hospitals across the USA and Canada to sync an individual’s electronic health record (EHR) data securely to their device. The company expects the number of connected institutions to grow to 1000 by year end. Coral Health Records also allows parents and legal guardians to access and manage their children’s records with its multi-user functionality. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest on-device, ensuring HIPAA, HITRUST and GDPR compliance.

“While individuals have a legal right to their medical information, in practice, accessing and sharing health data today is mired with delays, errors and frustration. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce the Coral Health Records app, the easiest way for healthcare users to reclaim ownership of their medical data,” said Philip Parker, Coral Health’s co-founder and COO. “We are building a future where our users will never have to enter a clinical setting without their complete medical history, enabling practitioners to make more timely, higher quality treatment decisions.”

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Individuals can choose to share their data with medical professionals to facilitate better coordinated care, with healthcare organizations to automate administrative processes, and with researchers to advance life-saving drug discovery.

About Coral Health
Coral Health is a technology company that is building a more connected future in healthcare by enabling secure, real-time, shared access to validated medical information. At the heart of the Coral Health system is a cross-platform, personal health app that provides users with seamless access to their medical records. Individuals are able to share access to their data to improve care coordination and fuel a vibrant ecosystem of third-party digital health applications.



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